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About Us

The following people have worked with us on our projects and our

website and we would like to thank them for making us look good.

Interior Designers:
Jodi Sutton
Kathleen McQuown Greenberg of KMG Interiors
Brandi Geller
Linda Ferry, Light Designer
Kathy Prizgoda, Light Designer

Landscape Designers:
Laurel Stutsman
Katherine Spitz Associates
Gabor & Allen

Steve Crane, Crane and Company
Drew Maran, Drew Maran Construction
Walter Wozniak, Peterson Wozniak Construction
Vince Andrus, Hindsight Construction
Daniel Bernstein
Creative Spaces
Alex Vlassopolis, Vlasco Construction
Craig Bua
Tim Cronin, Contractor
Tellus Construction
Trueline Construction

Specialty Items and Furniture
William Stranger Furniture
Tom Colgrove
Mike Fair, Fair Furniture
Paul Riley

Website Design:
Sarah Heller
Jeremy Rausch
Ellen Osborne
Blue Fondue websites and graphic design

Philip Niles, Mechanical Engineer
David Knight, Monterey Energy Group
Halfman Haloosim, Mechanical Engineers
Ricardo Arevalo, Structural Engineer
Gordon Polon, Structural Engineer
Kent Sezen, Structural Engineer
Maged Saad, Structural Engineer
Steve Magnuson, Structural Engineer
Robert Onishi, Structural Engineer
Parker Resnick, Structural Engineers
Jose Martinez, Structural Engineer
Christina Silva, Structural Engineer
Don Khalighi, Structural Engineer

Fred Licht
Chris Covey
Paul Beilenberg
Derek Rath
Tim Street-Porter
Jay Scott Smith
Jeremy Rausch
Tim Curnen
Ethan Russell
Patrick Tregenza
Michelle Wilson
Agustin Ruelas

Jackie Claire Wood

Other Consultants:
The following are architects and designers once employed by the firm. They contributed hugely to the enclosed project and now have their fingers in other pies.
Carol H. Ahmanson
Walter Scott Perry
Gregory Preston
Sarah Heller
Elaha Noori
Phillip Mandory
Mitja Hendirks
Dana Motley Zausch