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A Nossa Casa

A Nossa Casa

“A Nossa Casa” is a center for children orphaned by AIDS-HIV.  It will be located in Mozambique.  The fundraising for this project is being done by the African Millennium Foundation.  

We are currently in the concept design phase of this worthwhile project with Pali Fekete Studio.

There are approximately 500,000 children orphaned by AIDS in Mozambique alone.  The situation has gone far beyond the ability of local communities and families members to cope with it.  Polly Osborne Architects has donated their time to work on the development of an Orphans Center that offers a safe haven for children to live and go to school.  It also offers the community around it a place to gather and take advantage of the adult education program and the health clinic.

Integral to the concept of “A Nossa Casa” is the idea that the community and the orphans together will overcome their struggles, through health, safety and education. Polly traveled to Mozambique to study the site, meet the care givers and meet the children. She came away convinced of the importance of this project and delighted with the intelligence and dedication of the Reencontro, the organization that will run “A Nossa Casa”.

We hope the idea of an orphans’ center combined with a community center will take hold, becoming a prototype for future projects of this type.

You can donate on African Millennium Foundation’s website ( Be sure and designate your contribution to A Nossa Casa.